Open for Drive Thru Service

Hello Everyone,

We will continue to be open Tuesday-Sunday from 11 am- 7 pm but have switched to a drive thru and call ahead services in an effort to stream-line orders and continue to follow the Governor’s mandate to limit social gatherings. When you arrive at the Creamery, please bear to you right for drive thru service and place your order with a Creamery employee. Once your order is placed, you will pull around to the front of the building and someone will bring your order out to you.

To place a call ahead order, please call (434) 294-8259. When you arrive at the Creamery, please bear to the left upon entering the drive way, and pull alongside the traffic cones.

Our menu will continue to include scooped ice cream, quarts and half gallons of prepackaged ice cream, milkshakes, milk, lunch and dinner from The Kitchen Table and all of our retail farm products. You may purchase waffle cones to take with you but we are not serving ice cream in cones at this time. In addition, we are offering Take Home Kits; 1 Quart Ice Cream with 4 waffle cones for $10 or 1/2 Gallon Ice Cream with 6 waffle cones for $15.

Again, we ask that you do not loiter to enjoy your food and ice cream. While we are an essential business, we are mindful of following orders to limit social gatherings. Plus, the people behind you need a place to park while their order is filled.

While we will continue to offer our services, we have closed the playground in response to the Governor’s request. We hated doing it, especially since we just added an epic addition, but hope you will come back when the ban is lifted and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

We have also gotten several requests for gift cards so are now offering egift cards through Square,

Thanks again for supporting us and bearing with us as we work through all the kinks!


5 thoughts on “Open for Drive Thru Service

  1. You said “do not loiter to enjoy your food and ice cream” … does that mean that we aren’t even able to park and eat the food in our car?

    1. We pulled off onto the grass last Sunday 5/10 with other cars to enjoy the wonderful ice cream and no one said anything. Vehicles came and went with no problem.

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