Where to get our products

Of course you are always welcome to come visit us at the creamery to pick up some of our fresh products and even see how and where they are made. We also have a growing list of retail outlets in surrounding counties who carry our milk products so you can get your milk closer to home. Please note that these stores only carry our milk. We are still in the process of getting our ice cream available in pints and half gallons for resale.

Southside Virginia

  • Pine View Bulk Foods- Farmville
  • A&J Produce- Crewe
  • Dot’s Country Store- Alberta
  • Maker’s Market- South Hill


  • Sutherland Slip In- Sutherland
  • Route 1 Country Store- Dinwiddie
  • Flat Rock Grocery- McKenney

Richmond Area

  • Little House Green Grocery
  • Ashland Meat Company

460 East

  • Wakefield Great Valu

We also have a growing list of coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries that are using our products in their drinks and cooking. Please visit them and let them know that you appreciate them supporting us!

  • Demolition Coffee- Old Towne Petersburg
  • Lamplighter Coffee Roasters- Addison Street
  • Hotel Weyanoke- Farmville
  • Fish & Pig- Farmville
  • Proper Pie- Richmond